Monday, October 11, 2010

Drill 1: Balance Drill

1.  Start in stretch position with your hands together and hold them chest high.

2.  Slightly lift left leg, flexing (bending) at the knee

3.  Lower leg to about standing position without touching the ground

4.  Lift left leg, higher than the first time

5.  Repeat step three

6.  Once again lift left leg this time to a 90 degree angle flex at the knee

7.  Complete throwing motion as explained in previous posts. 

This drill will improve a pitcher's balance when striding towards the plate.  This drill targets a pitcher's legs, primarily the thigh muscle.  It is used to improve the leg movement and form in your pitching motion.  By correctly performing this drill repetitively your pitching motion will become more fluent.  Make sure to perform this drill slowly.

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