Sunday, November 28, 2010

Drill 2: Long toss

1. Warm up by playing light catch (to get your arm loose)
2. Throw at 60 feet for 4 minutes
3. Throw at 90 feet for 3 minutes
4. Throw at 130 feet for 2 minutes
5. Throw at 160 to 180 feet for 2 minutes
This is how the long toss program should look, but for the video i just did 5 throws at each distance.
Try to throw with a limited arc on the baseball, and use proper throwing mechanics by taking a small crow hop with each throw.

This drill works on arm strength by throwing to farther distances.  In the beginning you may not be able to reach and will have to bounce your throws.  Over time your throw will have less of an arc and will reach your partner.  It also works on endurance.  By throwing for 10-12 minutes straight, your arm will get tired.  As you continue the program, over time you won't feel as tired.  This has to do with muscular endurance, as your muscles work and work until they have nothing left.

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